Open House Events

Thorhild County invites you to attend an Open House for its Land Use Bylaw rewrite. The Open House will be your opportunity to learn more about the project and provide feedback on the draft bylaw.
County Staff will be available to provide an overview of the project and answer questions regarding the project process.

OPEN HOUSE (In-person)
Date: Thursday October 20, 2022
Time: 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Location: Thorhild Legion Hall
5 St & 5 Ave, Thorhild, AB T0A 3J0

Project Documents
  • Thorhild County LUB

  • Thorhild County MDP

  • Thorhild County Maps

Thorhild County Land Use Bylaw Rewrite

Thorhild County is updating its Land Use Bylaw (LUB). The Land Use Bylaw is the main tool that County Council and Administration have to manage development on private lands within the County. The current Land Use Bylaw has 20 land use districts, each of which includes a list of permitted or discretionary uses that are allowed on properties of that district. It also includes general regulations on topics like parking, building setbacks, storage and signage. Finally, it defines the process that landowners can use to change the use of their land and undertake development on their property.

Project Update


The Land Use Bylaw is the set of regulations that govern land use and development on private property within the County. The current Land Use Bylaw was approved in March 2015 and has received many amendments, which indicates that the LUB is due for a complete rewrite. The process of rewriting the LUB that Thorhild County is embarking on includes multiple opportunities for members of the public to learn about the changes and provide their input on the bylaw before it is approved by Council.

Next Steps

The project is currently in Phase 3: Land Use Bylaw Preparation. This stage involves the development of a draft Land Use Bylaw including a set of new and updated regulations, districts, general and specific use regulations. Once a final draft is complete, the public will be invited to review the Land Use Bylaw and provide feedback through future engagement opportunities.

Summer 2021
Project Initiation


Fall 2021
Evidence Gathering and Policy Review


Spring – Summer 2022
Land Use Bylaw Preparation


Summer – Fall 2022
Bylaw Finalization

Project Information

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will consist of the County’s Municipal Planning Commission and community members selected by County Council and bring new ideas for discussion and test proposed regulations as they are drafted

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Upcoming Consultation Events

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The new Land Use Bylaw will support the County’s efforts to achieve many of the community’s and Council’s goals of promoting vibrant communities that embrace environmental stewardship and strong economic development, including finding the right

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